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A letter from the Chairman of Navestock Parish Council
I bet you are all fed up with this virus if for no other reason than that there appears to be nothing else going on in the world. The world seems to have come to a standstill, with no other news than Covid-19.
However that’s not the case in Navestock. I am proud of my team of Navestock Councillors who are continuing selflessly with their work for the community (don’t forget this is unpaid)
High praise to Chris Gelderbloem for making the Whats app group ‘The Navestock Gang’ work. I hope it will continue to increase in numbers joining from all the areas of Navestock and will continue once this crisis has abated and continue to give us a community based conversation.
Your Parish Councillors are on the job re the latest traveller concern on Murthering Lane. Although we ourselves are pretty powerless, we are pushing those in charge at Brentwood County Council, Essex County Council, Essex Police and our MP. to keep this high in their thoughts. Persistant issues at Horseman Side have also been brought to the attention of these authorities. We are still cutting the grass on the Parish Field so that it is useable during this crisis for exercise and the play area, as its out of bounds at the moment, has been sprayed to kill the thistles and other weeds. Some heavy lifting has been done by Rowena Bere-Brown and family towards getting the physical side of the Village Show on July the 25th ready and we hope we will be out of lockdown by then.David Hoppit continues to give his invaluable advise and support to the horticultural aspect of our Village Show.The extension to the Village Hall has now at last received planning permission giving access to more community space and thanks go to David Williams for seeing that through. Ray Balcombe has been updating and improving the NPC web site and it is well worth a visit. Adrian Enkel has been turning his attention to the flooding and sewage problem at Horseman Side and its hoped Essex will at last be resolving these issues. Vic Simmons –our new clerk- has been mastering this new job with aplomb. The more commendable as he took office just as the virus/lockdown started.
So the Parish Council is still at work on your behalf and of course this is all unpaid time.
The Navestock Parish Council has received a request for funds from the local Navestock Greens Charity and we will be contributing £500 towards this local, Navestockians only beneficiaries, charity.
This will all end and happier times will come and in the meantime plans are afoot . The Parish Council is hoping the picnic on the Heath will be going ahead on the 13
th June. And still plan to hold the dinner cancelled by the lockdown to encourage those behind gates to meet those in their community a silver lining is that this lockdown is bringing the community more together and aware of others. The Navestock Conservatives are going to hold a bi-monthly dinner in the Village Hall, it is hoped in conjunction with the WI and Village Society. featuring a speaker to further foster this community spirit. The library in the converted red phone box at Navestockside seems to be coming into its own during this lockdown with a good turn round of books. Its free to use, just swop a book or just borrow one .The more that use it the more books get swopped. There are some kiddies books as well.
Turning to the Village Show on 25
th July I hope you are using this lockdown to plant flowers and vegetables ready to display at the show and perhaps even fine tuning your baking – both men and women. The schedule was sent out with the last newsletter. If it is able to go ahead I hope you will support it as much unseen work and planning goes on behind the scenes to put it on by the Parish Council & Village Society.
The Chairman & Parish Councillors of Navestock Parish Council

Please do not use the Navestock Playground equipment to comply with Government advice on social distancing.
Please help everyone stay safe and healthy

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