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Dear Residents
We hope this note finds you all well during this uncertain time.

We would like to thank you all for the support you are showing each other and to those who are key workers in the NHS and other services. This newsletter lists important contact numbers within our Borough from Brentwood Borough Council. An informative booklet from Brentwood Borough Council regarding Covid-19 is being delivered with this newsletter. We aim to get information passed to us from the Council promptly to you, but as you can appreciate it would be faster, safer and accurate if we could do this electronically. If you would like to receive information please email stating your name and where you live.
With the success of a local whats app group allowing neighbours to talk to one another, support one another, share useful information and laughter too, would it be something that you may like to be included in your local area of the Parish? If so please include your mobile telephone number to the email above in order to be added to your appropriate group.
You are all making a huge difference to our village community each day by working together Thank you
on behalf of Navestock Parish Council & Residents of The Navestock Community

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Please do not use the Navestock Playground equipment to comply with Government advice on social distancing.
Please help everyone stay safe and healthy

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